The Sustainability Challenge

Eating, living, traveling and preforming activities on a limited

This is an Erasmus+ project between Aniaragymnasiet, Gothenburg, Sweden and IES Bellavista, Seville, Spain. The project is trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint to more sustainable ways. This is done as a large real-life experiment where students and teachers from the schools try to travel to each other, eat, live and perform different activities within the 2 degrees goal. By making active and sustainable choices with, ways of transportation, food, accommodation and the activities and share the experience the project hope to inspire others to make the same choices and be more sustainable.In the links bellow you can find the scientific report from the project with all the data, numbers and analysis of the project.

You can also find a video which shows the experience of making this experiment. There is also a link to the projects Instagram and to a brochure that quickly gives you some information